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Mornings set the tone for the entire day. Once I got a handle on my nighttime routine, I was able to implement a productive morning routine. This has been an incredibly helpful productivity boost in my life.

As with weight loss and any other routine, personalization is the key. What can you do in the morning? What will you do in the morning? How can you motivate yourself to get started in the morning?

By sharing my own routine, I hope to inspire you and help you brainstorm the things that will work in your life.

My Morning Routine

  1. Make my bed
  2. 10 repetitions
  3. Take morning vitamins (see below)
  4. Meditation/prayer time
  5. Morning journaling — grateful, great-FULL
  6. Drink cocoa
  7. Read
  8. Dress for gym
  9. Workout (see below)
  10. Room & Groom

This process puts some of those important but non-urgent items right into my done list and gets be ready for a great day.

Vitamin Regimen

Here is my personal list of daily Thrivous nootropics (to enhance mental ability) and geroprotectors (to promote healthy life extension).





Weight Lifting Routine

Monday/Thursday Legs

  • A1 Deadlift 12/12/12 (barbell)
  • A2 squat 12/12/12 (dumbbells)
  • B1 leg extension 12/12/12 (machine)
  • B2 hamstring curl 12/12/12 (machine)
  • C1 adductor 12/12/12 (machine)
  • C2 abductor 12/12/12 (machine)

Tuesday/Friday Arms

  • A1 skull crusher 12/12/12 (dumbbell)
  • A2 bicep rotation curl 12/12/12 (dumbbells)
  • B1 tricep dip 12/12/12 (machine)
  • B2 preacher curl 12/12/12 (machine)

Wednesday/Saturday Chest/Shoulder/Back

  • A1 pec fly 12/12/12 (machine)
  • A2 lateral raise 12/12/12 (machine)
  • B1 lat pulldown 12/12/12 (machine)
  • B2 seated back row 12/12/12 (machine)

Every Day Abs

  • 3×15 (various machines)

What's Your Morning Checkoff List?

Do you have a set morning routine? What do you do and why does it work for you?

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