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Life Coaches Are a Joke Unless They Have This One Thing

Have you hired a life coach or any other coach that was a flop? Have you worked with one that work who was better than you hoped for? Share your experience in the comments! I've found that most of the time, life coaches are really just people who signed up to sell you...

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Reopen America – Easy 3 Step Plan

Shutdowns across the nation have taken a toll on everyone. While some politicians have demanded a myopic focus on Covid-19 deaths, the obvious and predictable collateral damage began to happen. Both isolation and unemployment carry well-documented increases in: Child...

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How to Calculate the Death Rate

What is the death rate for Covid-19? Do we know? (Short answer: no, not even close.) Is Covid-19 real? Yes. Is Covid-19 contagious? Yes. Have people died from Covid-19? Yes. https://youtu.be/uv0ie5J2lc0 But none of those topics are the subject of this video. This...

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Who We Are

We are a community of people in our 40s, 50s, and 60s. We support each other as we progress, excel, and use our life experiences and earned expertise to do amazing things.

While we love travel and leisure, they do not define us. While we strive to be healthy, searching for anti-aging procedures doesn't preoccupy us. We are here to change the world for the better by living life to the fullest and reaching out to others.

Aging is a privilege denied to many. We revel in every moment.


By fudging our age to avoid becoming an invisible middle-aged woman, we make ourselves invisible middle-age women.

Every time we tell that little white lie, we erase a little more of our true worth, diminish our lifetime value, disown our long nights spent battling demons and countless days slaying dragons.

We have earned the right to tell the truth that we are powerful and pretty damn awesome.

~ Susan Colby

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