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We are a community of people in our 40s, 50s, and 60s. We support each other as we progress, excel, and use our life experiences and earned expertise to do amazing things.

While we love travel and leisure, they do not define us. While we strive to be healthy, searching for anti-aging procedures doesn't preoccupy us. We are here to change the world for the better by living life to the fullest and reaching out to others.

Aging is a privilege denied to many. We revel in every moment.


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San Diego Couple Trip with Teen Boys

The nearly empty nest thing takes some getting used to. This past week we took a final vacation with our boys before our 18-year-old, Samson, heads to Richmond, Virginia, for two years to serve as a missionary. https://youtu.be/3bA2FIzCQew If that's not traumatic...

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Veggie Loaded Instant Pot Chili

Last fall we got an instant pot, mostly because…well…instant. I don't like cooking, but I like eating healthy. I love my crockpot, so this multi use pressure cooker seemed like a great addition. We got the six-quart instant pot that also serves as a slow cooker,...

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How To Create a Playlist on YouTube – 2019

Are your YouTube subscribers struggling to find your amazing content? Creating playlists to make it easy to follow a series or watch a batch of related content. Here is the simple, step-by-step guide to creating YouTube playlists with your own videos and/or videos...

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By fudging our age to avoid becoming an invisible middle-aged woman, we make ourselves invisible middle-age women.

Every time we tell that little white lie, we erase a little more of our true worth, diminish our lifetime value, disown our long nights spent battling demons and countless days slaying dragons.

We have earned the right to tell the truth that we are powerful and pretty damn awesome.

~ Susan Colby

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