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Start a Midlife Blog with Self-Hosted WordPress

Starting a blog is easy. OK, so "easy" is a relative term. Middle-aged people didn't grow up surrounded by computers and high tech. We each have our own levels of technical comfort. But as someone who has built websites since 1994, I'm going to share my best advice on...

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Adopted DNA Test Results Q&A

After accidentally discovering two full siblings and nine half siblings, I’m answering some of your adoption biology questions. If you're an adoptee, you might be shocked! The 23 and Me and Ancestry DNA test results Sam and I took together were a big surprise (for me,...

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Traditional Gifts for Women with a Fun Twist

Want something more traditional than the gifts those I propose in my vlog Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing? Something you can buy, wrap, and put under the tree? Below is a collection of items that are particularly comfortable, fun, useful, and well-priced!...

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