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Recently a millennial acquaintance proudly posted on Facebook that he had done his weekly quota of “adulting” by…wait for it…filling out his FAFSA forms.

In other words, he was claiming adulthood because he had petitioned the government to have taxpayers pay for his tuition.

I could not roll my eyes hard enough.

As the mom of 3–5 (depending on whose timeframe you choose) really bright millennial children—who don’t remotely fall in the millennial snowflake category—I am stumped by the behavior I see from so many, every day.

If you’re like my kids, amen and hallelujah! This doesn’t apply to you! But if you’re one of those who gets triggered by diverse opinions (while claiming to embrace diversity), who demands safe spaces to protect your fragile ego, who sees microagressions around every corner, those just might be solid indicators that you are far too privileged to deal with real world problems.

Here’s my (first) call to step up, grow up, and be an actual adult!

Alison Moore Smith is a 57-year-old entrepreneur. She has been (very happily) married to Samuel M. Smith for 36 years. They are the parents of six incredible children and the grandparents to one astounding ginger grandson.

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