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My closet is mess. I don't like buying clothes and I like buying fat clothes even less.

One of my goals is to do a midlife wardrobe makeover—complete with a capsule wardrobe of interchangeable pieces—once I'm at a healthy size. But for now, I'm stuck. Now that I've lost nearly 30 pounds, I can foresee my distaste for clothes buying lessening, but I'm still not thrilled about shopping for medium-fat clothes.

Instead of heading to the store, I decided on a massive closet makeover. I didn't have many clothes hanging up—because, you know, my disinterest in shopping—but of those in the closet, until recently I only fit in (and wore) a tiny percentage. In addition, I had a ton packed in bins on the top shelf, waiting for my weight loss success.

Over the past weekend, I pulled down every box, and tried on every single thing in my closet. Every. Single. Thing.

In the end, I have:

  • 3 enormous bags of clothes that are being shipped off to Deseret Industries (Utah's version of Goodwill)—either because they are too large or I wouldn't want to wear them even if they fit
  • A few items in the closet that fit me nicely (even if the clothes themselves aren't so nice)
  • 1 bin of clothing that is still to small but will hopefully fit down the road.

The closet purge is already beneficial in two ways:

  1. Decluttering leaves “white space” and room to breathe
  2. No mental energy is expended shuffling through clothes I can't wear to find something suitable

The fresh start from the closet makeover is motivating and exciting. Every time I walk in my closet, it feels functional rather than uncomfortable. I'm looking forward to losing all the excess weight and figuring out a coordinating wardrobe that makes getting dressed easy and even fun.