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Most of my life, racism seemed mostly a thing of the past, like systemic sexism. Of course there will always be racists—just as there are still sexists—but I have largely avoided both most of my life and have spoken out when I encounter either.

It's one of those things that simply seems inexplicably stupid to me.

Being a flaming ginger back in the days when being ginger wasn’t just uncool, but a serious negative—not only worthy of scorn but given as a legitimate reason to refuse to adopt a baby (truth)—color fixation always baffled me. How could color possibly be meaningful with regard to who a person really was? Shade? Tint? What? Makes no sense at all.

A number of years ago I encountered what I assumed would be a difficult racial issue. Instead, it was a garden variety weed my friend solved in about 10 seconds.

Sometimes the solutions are simple. Quick, direct, honest. Done.

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