Harms of Lockdowns

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Collateral Global

A global repository for research into the collateral effects of the COVID-19 lockdown measures. Addresses damage to:

  • Physical health (cancer; cardiovascular health; children's health; dentistry; infectious disease; stroke; surgical procedures)
  • Mental health (addiction; dementia; eating disorders; maternal health; mental health trends; sleep; s suicide)
  • Social health (family violence; poverty; social isolation)
  • Education
  • Economy

Projected Deaths of Despair from COVID-19

Stephen Petterson, PhD; John M. Westfall, MD, MPH; Benjamin F. Miller, PsyD

A Study on Impact of Lockdown and Economic Disruption on Poor Rural Households with Special Reference to Children

Race, COVID-19 and deaths of despair

Patrick J. Arenaa; Monica Maltab; Snne W. Rimoina; Steffanie A. Strathdee

Death by Lockdown

Tom Woods

Modeling social distancing strategies to prevent SARS-CoV2 spread in Israel- A Cost-effectiveness analysis

Amir Shlomai MD, PhD; Ari Leshno MD; Ella H. Sklan PhD; Moshe Leshno MD, PhD

Oireachtas Special Committee on COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 has had a damaging impact on cancer patients and people anxiously awaiting important
diagnostic tests and screening.

Impact of COVID-19 and lockdown on mental health of children and adolescents: A narrative review with recommendations

Shweta Singh; Deblina Roy; Krittika Sinha; Sheeba Parveen; Ginni Sharma; Gunjan Joshic

Hospitalizations for Chronic Disease and Acute Conditions in the Time of COVID-19

Saul Blecker, MD, MHS; Simon A. Jones, PhD; Christopher M. Petrilli, MD; Andrew J. Admon, MD, MPH, MSc; Himali Weerahandi, MD, MPH; Fritz Francois, MD, MSc; Leora I. Horwitz, MD, MHS

Living with Covid-19: Balancing Costs Against Benefits in the Face of the Virus

David Miles; Mike Stedman; Adrian Heald

Negative impacts of COVID-19 lockdown on mental health service access and follow-up adherence for immigrants and individuals in socio-economic difficulties

M. Aragona; A. Barbato; A. Cavani; G. Costanzo; C. Mirisola

Delayed access to care and late presentations in children during the COVID-19 pandemic: a snapshot survey of 4075 paediatricians in the UK and Ireland

Richard M Lynn; Jacob L Avis; Simon Lenton; Zahin Amin-Chowdhury; Shamez N Ladhani

Exploring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and UK lockdown on individuals with experience of eating disorders

Dawn Branley-Bell; Catherine V. Talbot

Effect of school closures on mortality from coronavirus disease 2019: old and new predictions

Ken Rice; Ben Wynne; Victoria Martin; Graeme J Ackland

“Stay at Home, Protect the National Health Service, Save Lives”: a cost benefit analysis of the lockdown in the United Kingdom

David Miles; Mike Stedman; Adrian H Heald