Effectiveness of Masks in Surgery

Unmasking the surgeons: the evidence base behind the use of facemasks in surgery

Charlie Da Zhou; Pamela Sivathondan; and Ashok Handa

It is clear that more studies are required before any absolute conclusions can be drawn regarding the effectiveness or, indeed, ineffectiveness of surgical masks. It is possible, if not probable, that if surgical facemasks were to be introduced today the experimental evidence would not be sufficiently compelling to incorporate facemasks into surgical practice.

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Surgical face masks in a modern operation rooms—a costly and unnecessary ritual?

N.J. Mitchell, S. Hunt

The wearing of face masks by non-scrubbed staff working in an operating room with forced ventilation seems to be unnecessary.

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Wearing of caps and masks not necessary during cardiac catheterization.

L J Laslett; A Sabin

No evidence that caps or masks need to be worn during percutaneous cardiac catheterization.

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Disposable surgical face masks for preventing surgical wound infection in clean surgery

Marina Vincent; Peggy Edwards

From the limited results, it is unclear whether the wearing of surgical face masks by the surgical team either increases or reduces the risk of surgical site infection in patients undergoing clean surgery.

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The evolution of the surgical mask: filtering efficiency versus effectiveness

N L Belkin

Both in-vitro and in-vivo studies indicate that a mask may not be universally necessary in today's surgical environment.

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