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After over 30 years dealing with the increasing frequency of undiagnosed gallstones and gallbladder attacks, I was desperate. Doctors had done next to nothing to help.

This saga is three decades long. And it's fascinating. But if you, for some inexplicable reason, are not interested in hearing about the symptoms, suffering, and years of misdiagnoses—and just want to cut to my personal gallstone cure—just jump to my daily gallbladder healing regimen below. But do come back later to read all the drama and intrigue!

And, of course, I'm not a doctor. I'm not a “medical expert.” I'm just a regular human who solved a personal medical problem—a problem that no doctors or medical experts solved in three decades. I'm passing on what I learned in case it might help someone else. (Because it was others sharing their solutions that helped me.)

First Signs of Gallstones

My problems started in the late 1980s. One day, out of nowhere, I felt crushing pain right across my xyphoid process. The best way to explain it is that it felt like a tree had fallen right across my upper abdomen. The pain was intense, like a vice grip, and it was hard to breathe. The pain radiated all around my ribcage and was particularly strong in my back.

The episode lasted about a half hour. Then it was over.

The next time I had a doctor's appointment (for some other reason), I described the strange experience and asked if he knew what it was. He was stumped.

This pain would recur only once or twice per year for a few decades.

Every time I had an appointment with a different doctor (for any other reason), I would describe the pain. Every doctor was stumped.

Apparently this set of symptoms wasn't in the wheelhouse of anyone I visited. And the level of interest and/or curiosity was approaching zero.

In 30+ years, no doctor offered any advice, possible causes, or steps to resolve.

Gallbladder Gallstones Debilitating Pain

Debilitating Gallbladder Attacks

About three years ago, the frequency of the painful attacks increased. By that time, I was having them about once per month, sometimes more. They happened frequently enough that I started tracking them on my calendar.

They were unpredictable and I could not make a link to anything in particular. They seemed unrelated to activity, food, not even emotional well-being.

By spring of 2022, the attacks were occurring more than once per week. By this point, the pain was severely interfering with my life. I began to avoid activities that wouldn't allow me to immediately withdraw to a private location to suffer until it passed.

Because of that, I began (again) to research. The ailment that most closely mapped to my symptoms was thoracic radiculopathy or some kind of pinched nerve. On my own, I had some testing done. That did not seem to be the issue.

Back to the drawing board.

One day, I began to feel a tiny bit nauseous. This was a common occurrence and one I could usually remedy by walking about a bit or putting some pressure just below the xiphoid process.

As I was stretching and twisting to alleviate this discomfort, I realized (yes, for the first time) that this minor discomfort often preceded a full-on crushing back pain attack. I had never connected the two!

This lead me to research esophageal and stomach issues. The symptoms of a hiatal hernia sounded very close to what I was experiencing. This lead me to learning techniques to gently pull the stomach down and also to adjust my diet.

This helped to some extent, but I was still not able to ward off all the attacks.

At this point, I was having attacks nearly daily—sometimes twice per day. And when I wasn't having them, I could still feel the “twingy” early nausea and mild pain most of the day. The pain and distress were taking over my life.

Clear Diagnosis of Gallstones

In desperation, I went back to a doctor. This was a different MD, but one in the same practice as two others who (over the years) had been stumped by a description of my symptoms.

This doctor was frustrated that no serious testing had ever been done. He referred me for blood work and a CT scan.

The blood work was mostly normal.

A few days after meeting with the doctor, on November 14, 2022, I had a CT scan at a local clinic.

When the results came back, someone from the staff at the doctor's office called me with the results and recommendations.

  • Lesions on liver – get an MRI
  • Blocked pelvic vein – consult doctor
  • Gallstones – referred to general surgeon

The first two I understood. The last—an immediate referral to a surgeon (presumably to have my gallbladder removed)—without any discussion, pros/cons, or information, seemed premature. Or at least problematic.

I'm no doctor and certainly no gallbladder expert, but I do know it's not a useless organ just hanging around in human guts for no reason. Research commenced.

On November 21, I had an MRI (both with and without contrast) at the same clinic.

When I received the call with results, I was told the liver lesions did not look harmful and was, again, referred to a general surgeon to remove my gallbladder.

A couple of things became readily apparent:

  1. ≈ 40% of patients suffer impactful side effects from gallbladder removal
  2. pain and stones can continue to form even after removal

Realizing surgery might still be the best option (at some point), these facts lead me to look for a possible non-surgical solution to the problem.

Gallbladder Model Intestines - Gallstones

Gallbladder Flush and Crashing the System

One of the first sources I found was a gallbladder-centric Facebook group. The focus of this particular group was to do a regular “gallbladder flush” based on The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush by Andreas Moritz.

If you're interested, you can read the book or look up summaries. In a nutshell, it's five days of restricted eating, followed by a couple of days of sheer hellishness. The result is supposed to be the magical passing the troublesome stones.

I followed the regimine prescribed and completed the flush on November 17–18.

Many people find great relief with this method. I had a different experience.

First, drinking epsom salt kack is the nastiest things I've ever willfully ingested. It was horrific. Second, after all the steps were complete, the results for me were less than, shall we say, “amazing.”

On November 19 and again on November 20, I had the worst attacks I have ever experienced. The pain was excruciating and unbearable. (Well, I did survive, so I guess that's slightly hyperbolic.) But I was in despair. I had gone through so much pain only to seemingly have made the problem worse.

Gallstone Treatments -Gallbladder Pain

Throwing Everything at the Gallstones

Desperate for a solution, I found every credible recommendation I could find. If I hadn't already tried it, it was on my list. And then I did everything that seemed useful or plausible or reasonable.

Again, I'm not a doctor. But this is what I did to solve my personal debilitating health issue.

By November 26, I had been able to collect all the information and supplements I decided to try. I began the regimen below.

As of the publication date of this post, I have not had even one single gallbladder gallstone attack. Not one. It's been almost a year since I began my daily gallbladder regimen.

During the past year, I have had a few twingy moments. (See below for how I address that.) But the full attack has never happened again.

In August of 2023, I decided to reduce my supplement intake to see how my body would handle it. I continued to take the tudca and stone free (which I generally take at night), but cut the others (which I generally take in the morning) in half, taking them only every other day.

Within about 10 days of this change, the twinginess became more common and more intense. After a number of days, this had not improved, so I returned to the daily schedule, where I am at this writing. The problems subsided again.

While I realize this may not be a lifelong solution, it has truly been miraculous thus far. I hope it helps someone else to feel better and have returned quality of life.

My Daily Gallbladder Healing Regimen

Daily Gallbladder Regimen

First Thing Every Morning

  • 1 C warm water
  • 1 organic lemon, juiced

Mix together. Drink

When Gut Feels “Twingy”

  • 2 T organic apple cider vinegar
  • 1 T organic raw honey
  • 1 C warm water

Mix together until dissolved. Drink.

Daily Supplements

I take these per the package directions, always with food to prevent nausea. Typically, I take some at breakfast and the rest at lunch.

Chanca Piedra

Malic Acid

Gallbladder Formula

Liver Cleanse

Cod Liver Oil


Stone Free

Digestive Enzymes

Treating Gallstones and Gallbladder Attacks Without Surgery in Midlife
Treating Gallstones and Gallbladder Attacks Without Surgery in Midlife

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