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Don’t you want to know your real parents? Don’t you want to know who you really are? Why don’t you get a DNA test? What if you have a strange genetic disorder? What if you’re an heiress to the throne? What if your siblings are looking for you?

I was born on May 18, 1964 in the Provo Hospital in Provo, Utah, and given to my adoptive parents two days later…in the Skaggs parking lot. My adoption was through private lawyers and was a closed adoption, as was typical of the time period.

I've been asked questions like these all my life. To be 100% honest, I just don't really care. It's never interested me. Maybe I'm a freak, but in this week's vlog I’ll tell you why. Also get a sneak peak of the DNA tests Sam and I are about to take! (We purchased both the Ancestry and the 23 and Me DNA test kits!)

Were you adopted or have you adopted a child? What is your experience with birth families and/or searching for birth families or adopted children?

Alison Moore Smith is a 57-year-old entrepreneur. She has been (very happily) married to Samuel M. Smith for 36 years. They are the parents of six incredible children and the grandparents to one astounding ginger grandson.

She is the author of The 7 Success Habits of Homeschoolers.

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