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Our master bathroom needed a refresh. It also needed a thorough deep cleaning. So, of course, I just vlogged it out! Clean with me and then take a master bath tour.

As promised, below find descriptions of my favorite things along with links if you want to try them out yourself.

I actually love organizing and even used to teach conference sessions on home organization, homemaking systems, and general productivity. Look for more organization videos in the future as I work through our house, purging, tidying, and minimizing as our kids leave the nest.

Bathroom Decor

American Soft Linen Premium Towels

We also wanted bath sheets on the shower hooks.

6-Piece Towel Set

I looked for a set of towels that had good ratings, were reasonably priced, and had options for buying individual pieces. We purchased two of these full towel sets (two each: bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths) so we always have a set available when the other is in the wash.

To add a bit of color outside of the typical white spa look, I got a pistachio green. I love this bright, happy color almost as much as my golden yellow, so it is a fun change of pace.

Extra Hand Towels

As I noted in the vlog, I buy extra hand towels and change them out more often. This extra set of four hand towels, combined with the four that came in the 6-piece set above, gave us eight hand towels for the two sinks. Plenty to change out as often as needed, but generally at least twice per week.

We got them in the same pistachio green as all the other towels for a little pop of color.

Bath Sheets

It's been a while since we had bath sheets, but this time around I decided to splurge. We put these on the hooks inside the shower and, as I said in the vlog, these are perfect for wrapping up in the still warm shower to avoid the post-shower freeze.

We got four of these (two for use, two for rotating in) in the same pistachio green as the others.


Choose Happy Wall Hanging

I purchased the print PDF on Etsy from Beguima Studio and printed it on my Canon photo printer on 13×9 photo paper.

I got the simple frame from Frametory. It's 13×9 black aluminum and emphasizes the text just as I hoped.

Decorative Mini Succulents

These nine tiny artificial potted succulents are perfect on the jacuzzi tub window and my vanity. They add some color and nature and, bonus feature, I can't kill them!

The are less than 2″ x 2″ each, so they fit on the sill without interfering with the blind function.

I ended up putting the six green succulents on the window sill and the three non-green on my vanity. They add a nice finishing touch to the room that makes it seem more complete and thoughtful.

Makeup Brush Holder

The 3-compartment acrylic makeup brush organizer was just right for all those new mystery makeup brushes I purchased (see below). It's simple, inexpensive, and does the job.

I filled it with some clear sparkly beads from a craft store so they stand up. It's one of the few things I put on the counter. I use the brushes often so they are easy to see and access and they are easy to put away. And since the container and brushes match the room, they are pretty enough to leave out.

When I (finally) do my midlife makeup revamp, I will attempt to figure out the complexities of the million brushes!

Memory Foam Bath Mat

The configuration in our bath is a bath mat hazard. No one is injured tripping over it, they just walk on it with their grubby shoes. It was impossible to keep our former yellow mat clean. And I know from past experience that hoping others will hang up the bath mat properly is an exercise in futility, so I didn't even try that in this house.

To resolve that issue this time around, I found the smallest feasible bath mat I could find (this one is 17″ x 24″) and tuck it almost completely out of the traffic pattern in front of the shower.

While we do mostly dry off in the shower anyway, this mat is still absorbent. It's also cushy soft and comfortable. It didn't come in a matching green (or any green at all), so I just grabbed two of them in a light, neutral beige.

No Toilet Cover or Rug

Maybe I'm an odd duck, but I really do not like toilet seat covers or those U-shaped toilet mats. Honestly, I figure if there is liquid happening around the toilet, I really want to clean and disinfect it right away. I do not want it being absorbed into some shaggy material!

Beauty Products

Playa Ritual Hair Oil

Belinda gave me this oil for a birthday a few years ago along with a coupon for a scalp massage. I was sold on the first use. If your midlife (or any age) scalp ever gets dry and itchy, this stuff is magic.

Playa Ritual Hair Oil (what a mystic name!) has apricot, kukui, coconut, broccoli seed, and sunflower oils to moisturize your scalp and smooth the frizz. Make my head feel good and my hair smooth and shiny.

Paraben, sulfate, and cruelty free, too.

L'Ange Shampoo and Conditioner

The shampoo and conditioner I mentioned were given to me by Alana. Love them and literally just used up the conditioner today. (Still working on the shampoo.)

L'ange Hair Tonique Invigorating Mint Shampoo smells fresh and leaves my scalp tingly and super clean. It's antimicrobial, anti-dandruff, and deep cleansing.

It comes with a money back guarantee, too! So try it and see what you think.

L'ange Hair Indulge Marula Oil Hydrating Conditioner is the perfect follow up. It's deep moisturizing, helps repair hair and reduce static.

I rarely buy hair products above generic grade myself, but have loved these products and will use them again.

Tree Hut Bohemian Escape

Can I just say I love body scrubs? They live in my shower and are an every single day thing. Really, it takes about 30 seconds, but feels so good and smells good. Nice way to polish that old lady skin up.

This Tree Hut Bohemian Escape She Sugar Scrub might have a goofy name, but the smell is yummy. (Mine's totally gone now.)

It has safflower seed, avocado, sweet almond, macadamia seed, orange, and amla oils. (I don't even know what that last one is, I'm just reporting facts here.) It also has turmeric that “detoxifies and tones skin.”

The Tree Hut Bohemian Escape Bubble Bath sits in my shower. I don't bathe as often as I'd like (jetted tub notwithstanding) so I use this as a body wash. (I mean, are they all that different, really?) It has the same scent and a nice lather.

This formula has the same amla oil and turmeric as the sugar scrub as well as good old shea butter to moisturize.

The last piece of my trio is Tree Hut Bohemian Escape Moisturizing Hyrdo-Light Gel. To be clear, this is used as a lotion!

As I said in the video, I was skeptical that I would like a gel formula. I thought it would be sticky and gooey. But it's not at all. It absorbs right into the skin and actually is light, just as the name says.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Remember back in the day, when we used baby powder to absorb the oil in our hair and extend that shampoo another day or two? Remember who it kind or worked, but left us looking a bit like we were wearing a powdered wig?

Batiste Dry Shampoo (I bought the fresh scent) includes all the baby powder advantages without the mess. You spray it in and fluff it up. It disappears and really works!

Thanks to my daughter, I've been introduced to the 21st century version of baby powder hair. And it's a definite improvement.

Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus

I'm way too lazy about my hair, but when I do it I love these products. My daughter, Jessica, game them to me years ago and because I need so little at a time, they have lasted forever.

I have the Hold & Shine Moisture Mist and Curl & Style Milk set. They help smooth frizz really well while moisturizing the hair. They make my hair really shiny and smooth and help stop breakage.

The silk protein and neem oil feel and smell so good. They also help with detangling after washing. You just need a tiny bit! They've lasted so long, I wasn't even sure where to find them. Glad to see they are accessible.

Anti-Aging Face Serum

Who knew this would be a confessions blog? As lazy as I am about my hair, I'm almost as lazy about my skin. I'm trying to up my game just a bit.

Last May I ordered a serum set and have been using it since. I plan to vlog the results—whatever they may be—in the future. I'm not necessarily recommending these products, yet, but I do like them so far.

I'm not sure if I actually look younger, but my skin has calmed down. The stupid middle-aged acne that flared up a few years ago is almost non-existent. I am on a Curology plan, and like it, but have reduced its use to only one or two nights per month since using these serums. I'll take it!

I started with the Tree of Life anti-aging set and when that ran out recently switched to the ArtNaturals anti-aging set with the same products. The formulas look and feel almost identical. I just buy whichever is cheaper, as they seem to run lightning specials on these products.

Bath & Body Works Holiday Scents

From the day after Thanksgiving until New Year's Eve, Twisted Peppermint is the only thing you will smell on my body. I love this stuff so much and it just screams Christmas. Without screaming. Too much.

I get the entire set and layer it like crazy: shower gel; body cream; fragrance mist. I've been doing this for years and years and it makes me super happy.

In the vlog I also mention my second choice holiday scent, Be Joyful. In case I really have to mix things up—which is rare, but does come up once in a while—it's my other Christmas go to.

Do you have a favorite seasonal scent? Share your favorites. I'd love to add to my repertoire!

Dr. Bonner's Pure-Castile Bar Soap

Dr. Bonner's All-One Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castile Bar Soap is a mouthful (don't wash your mouth out with it) but it's another fan favorite. It's got moisturizing lather and made with organize oils without detergents or foaming agents.

This is old school stuff that I only discovered recently through one of my daughters (I detect a theme here). You can use it on your face, body, even hair. And if peppermint isn't your jam, they also have almond, lavender, citrus, rose, and baby unscented.

Thermo Ceramic & Ionic Hairbrush

I finally sprung for a new hairbrush after waiting only 20 years or so. This Vaslon Professional Thermo Ceramic & Ionic Hairbrush works really well for blow drying my hair. At 2″ in diameter, a novice hairdo gal like me can still manage it with decent results.

It came with a free come and hair clips, so that's a nice little bonus. I probably wouldn't have replaced my comb for at least another five years without it.

Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron

You can probably guess that I'm not the best at the hairdo. One of my vlogs is even called How to Use a Curling Iron for Dummies and, yup, I was pretty much queen dummy in that vid. It's kind of a style fail.

Still, my Conair Infinitipro Nano Toumaline Ceramic Curling Iron in the 1.25″ diameter showed up in this vlog, so I'm linking to it, in case you want to show me how to use it better. I welcome the tutorial!

Bestope Makeup Brush Set

This 18-piece makeup brush set has more tools than I know what to do with. I selected it because it was:

  1. Highly rated
  2. Low priced
  3. Filled with the shapes/styles I need
  4. A good color for my room

I'm not a makeup expert (my past life as a model and beauty pageant girl, notwithstanding), but this was a solid set. I hope to figure out midlife makeup in the upcoming months as I continue on this journey.

Bellixe Makeup Sponge Blender Set

For decades I've used the cheap foam triangles to apply my foundation. I'm trying to up my game with these new-fangled blender sponges. They were used by a makeup artist on set and seemed to give much better coverage and even application, so I'm willing to try them out.

This set was inexpensive and highly rated. When I do the upcoming makeup makeover, I'll be trying them out.

Floss Picks

Is it odd to have a favorite floss? I'm a dedicated flosser—which may explain why I have all my own teeth and no fillings at 55—but finding floss picks a number of years ago was still a game changer. So much easier!

When I found Plackers Twin-Line Dental Flossers, I became a loyal customer. That second line of pre-threaded floss makes them more effective.

For the record, I've tried triple-threaded floss picks and prefer these.

Home Care

Old English Furniture Products

My parents used Old English Lemon Oil on their 1960s wood paneling and nice wood furniture. I grew up on the stuff. And I hated oiling the paneling with a passion.

I still use it on my cherry wood cabinets and furniture every few months. I still don't love the process, but the results are worth it.

For scuffs and scratches, Old English Scratch Cover has been the choice since I was a kid as well. I've always used the formula for dark woods with great results, as you can see from the before and after shots in the vlog. In just a few minutes the cabinets went from looking old and worn to looking nearly new.

I literally just found out there is another formula for light woods as I looked up this product. So if you have lighter woods in your home, that's probably the better choice.

A little regular maintenance goes a long way in making those built-in surfaces look nice.

If you have any questions about products or organization, let me know!

Alison Moore Smith is a 60-year-old entrepreneur. She has been (very happily) married to Samuel M. Smith for 38 years. They are parents of six incredible children and grandparents to two astounding grandsons.

She is the author of The 7 Success Habits of Homeschoolers.

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