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I love yellow. Perhaps too much. After many years in college and graduate school—and forced white rental walls—I swore I'd never have a white wall again. So all our homes have been full of color.

Still, I found myself drawn to the more relaxed feeling of neutrals. What to do?

I compromised by going mostly neutral with big pops of happy colors I love. I'm working my way through the house, but the first room we finished (way back in May—I'm just slow to vlog about it), was the master bedroom. I love the new look and hope you enjoy the transformation!

Unfortunately, the footage of the most fun part of the transformation is nowhere to be found. But you'll still get to see the before and after tours of the bedroom.

As promised, I'll itemize as many things in the room as I can below. If I missed something or you have any question, let me know!



The bedspread, duvet, quilt is really the centerpiece of any bedroom. So this was the starting point for redecorating our master bedroom. I knew I wanted to go generally neutral and spa-like, but that was all I had.

After searching for a number of weeks—an actually purchasing and returning two other sets—I finally settled on this Mixinni Reversible Beige Embroidered Bedspread with matching king sized-shams.

It's pretty, luxurious, and while thin, it's quite heavy, so it feels really nice at night. I'm really happy with the way this looks and feels.

Split King Sheet Set

Not just any sheet set will fit our new bedding setup. This set (which comes in lots of colors) is a 5-piece 1500 Supreme Split King Sheet Set in white. We bought two sets to have one to rotate in for laundry purposes.

Each set includes:

  • 1 flat sheet
  • 2 fitted sheets
  • 2 pillowcases

Having used this for a few months now, I can tell you how soft and comfortable these sheets are. Highly rated and a great price, they are very nice quality.


I wanted a blanket that was warm and would hold its shape—not some floppy knit. This king sized Bedsure Fleece Blanket in taupe is just perfect.

The color exactly matches our bedding and it's cozy and super soft. It makes up easily without lumps and without stretching out.

Throw Blanket

Because I'm freezing approximately half of the time, an extra throw blanket is always on our bed. I wanted one that was super soft, cozy warm, and comfortable, but also was a neutral color that matched our decor scheme.

I found this 90″ x 90″ Champagne Beige Sherpa Back Throw, and it's absolutely perfect. It's so, so soft and perfectly warm for those winter nights when it gets chilly. It's heavy enough to feel that nice weight without smothering, too.


I remember when I was a kid (and teen and young adult) and never gave pillows a thought. Ever. Dorm pillows, camp pillows, hotel pillows. They didn't impact my life at all.

Until I got old and would wake up with creaky, sore neck and all that jazz. Then pillows became important for health and well-being.

On redoing the bedroom, we got these amazing Panda Life Shredded Memory Foam Pillows in king size. Seriously, I haven't had a neck ache morning since. They are the perfect balance between soft and firm and work whether I'm sleeping on my side or my back.

Highly recommended! Both my husband and I love them and he no longer needs to double up on the pillows!

Sham Pillow Inserts

Since we don't sleep on the shams that match the bedspread, we didn't need to find super high quality to stuff them. Instead we found this inexpensive set of AmazonBasics Down Alternative Bed Pillows.

The king-sized polyesters pillow 2-pack works great for the purpose at a bargain price.

Decorative Pillows

My husband, like many men, does not understand the allure of decorative pillows. He would just as soon have the pillow he sleeps on and nothing else. But, for all these years he has indulged me. I try not to be one excessive about it—I've seen far worse!—but I do like a few pretty additions.


In case you haven't noticed, these giant square pillows fit perfectly three across on a king size bed. So I bought three 24″ Kevin Textile Throw Pillow Covers in Primrose Yellow to go on our bed.

This is one way I brought back my happy golden yellow into the mostly neutral room. They make a nice little accent behind your regular pillows and a give a finished look to the bedding and linens.

All of the pillows I liked came separately as covers and inserts, so I purchased three of the MDS Hypoallergenic Square Pillow Forms—also 24″ square—to go inside.

The few bits of extra yellow in the room made up for losing all my yellow walls and going generally neutral. I love the look this way!

Embroidered Pillow

In addition to the euroshams, the regular pillows, and the regular sham pillows that came with the set (we're already up to seven here, I realize), I settled on one last yellow pop with this pretty 18″ x 18″ Slow Cow Cotton Embroidered Decorative Pillow Cover.

It just sits in the center of the bed, in front of all the others as the crowning glory.

The 18″ x 18″ Foamily Premium Pillow Insert fills out the cover and completes the set. Nice quality and good prices for inserts.

Lumbar Pillows

I initially bought this Slow Cow Linen Embroidery Lumbar Pillow Covers to go on the bed. But the first night, when I set it aside on the chair to go to sleep, I realized it perfectly matched our new chairs. Also, it looked so cute sitting there on the seat.

So, I bought a second pillow—such a cute zig zag pattern—to make a matching set and they became chair decor instead. They look great sitting on both chairs and break up the solid yellow just a bit. They are sized 12″ x 20″ each.

Because these are just covers, I also purchased the 12″ x 20″ Foamily Hypoallergenic Lumbar Pillow Insert to stuff them. Nice quality and they completely fill the covers.

Bench Pillow

The fun, fringy white pillow on the storage bench was a Ross find.

Master Bedroom Decor

Over Bed Print

On the wall above our king size bed, I put a double print with a saying paraphrased from scripture to remind us every day whom we are to each other—and whom we have been since 1985.

I have found the one whom my souls loves.

Song of Solomon 3:4

I found a beautiful print of this on Etsy, had it printed in poster size from Vistaprint, and mounted it in a pair of silver SECO Front Load Poster Frames in 24″ x 36″ size.

Alarm Clock

In spite of the fact the both Sam and I use our iPhones as our alarms, we did want an easy-to-read clock in the room that wouldn't keep us awake at night. Red light is apparently the top choice for that. So this Koosin Digital Alarm Clock—with numbers big enough for middle-aged eyes—was just right.

Wireless iPhone Chargers

I love the new wireless chargers, because they are so handy (and easy when you're fumbling around at night with your phone). We got two of these Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stands for our iPhones in white. (They also come in black.)

They aren't super pretty, but they are functional and work perfectly well. Next upgrade will hopefully have function and style.

Linen Lampshades

We changed out the lampshades on our wallmount bedside lights and replaced them with these pretty Rectangle Natural Linen Shades. I think they look sleeker and very nice.


Recliner Armchairs

We have a lovely little seating area right next to the fireplace. I sit there every morning and evening, drinking my precious diet cocoa.

When we repainted the walls from the former yellow to a neutral beige, I woke up each morning so sad! The room that had been vibrant was relaxing, but also drab.

Replacing our dark brown (and well worn) IKEA side chairs with a pair of Christopher Knight Mid-Century Modern Tuft Back Recliners in beautiful, “muted yellow” were just the thing I needed to brighten up the room! It's such a gorgeous, golden color and makes me happy every time I see them.

Padded Storage Bench

We bought this Acme Furniture Leather Storage Bench in 2011 and it's still going strong and looks new. (And it's still available!)

You can put three or four king size blankets/quilts into this bench and it's great for extra seating as well. We moved it from the foot of the bed to the side of the room, under the Korean picture. I really like the new configuration and it opens up the seating by the fireplace area nicely.

King Size Adustable Mattress

We have a weird mattress combo, but so worth it!

We purchased two Nolah Signature 12 XL Twin Mattresses (after Sam's extensive research) and placed them on a Blissful Nights Split King Adjustable Bed Frame with Massage.

Yes, I know, it's like those old people commercials from back in the day! But, it has a three-level massage setting, independent head and foot incline, under bed nightlights (for ambiance), and dual USB charging station built in. Seriously the comfort it just to die for. Or to sleep for.

Side Table

The cute faux agate accent table was a Bed, Bath, & Beyond find. I got it in brown and painted the legs an espresso brown to more closely match our other woods.

Bed Frame – Bedside Tables

The main furniture was purchased from RCWilley when we bought the house in 2010.

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