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Healthy Eating

Meal Prep

Glass Storage Containers

I've been pushing fitness and now I'm getting back into eating clean and healthy (most of the time). My daughter, Monica, and I are starting to meal prep. Here are the containers I just purchased to facilitate it.

Divided glass containers, with two compartments and locking, sealed lids. These will be for the main dish and main sides. Things like meat, rice, cooked veggies, etc.

Single compartment glass containers, with locking, sealed lids. These will be used for fresh veggies or salads at every dinner. Increasing our raw, healthy veggie consumption as much as possible.

Once we have some experience under out belts, I'll blog and vlog about the process and include our menus. Right now we are trying out a variety to find things we all like and that are simply to cook in bulk. We're keeping the dinners around 500 calories to make the rest of the day easier to balance. For those wanting more calories, we can add in bread, potatoes, or something equally calorically dense.

Skin Care

Acne Care

I started using Curology to control my very mild acne issues when I was 54. When you sign up, you will fill out a form and be given a prescription from a dermatologist. My formulation is as follows:

  • 0.009% Tretinoin
  • 1% Clindamycin
  • 9% Azelaic Acid

If used daily in a thin layer on my face and neck (as prescribed) the “2-month superbottle” doesn't last me two months. It lasts about five to six weeks instead.

As of turning 55, I stopped using it daily and began using it only when I have a bit of a flare up, which is once or twice a week. It tends to stave off the problems. On those days I use it, I do it at night in place of my regular nightly serums.


If you need a toner or help with oily patches or breakouts that won't sting or dry out your skin, Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel is a miracle formula.

Growing up I used drug store witch hazel regularly, but didn't even know there were alcohol-free options until recently. This is it!

As a side note, my mom always concocted a homemade moisturizing brew made with 1:1 witch hazel and glycerin. She had gorgeous skin her entire life. Let me know if you ever try that!


I have long planned to try Angie's Hot & Flashy Skincare Routine. I even created a page with all the ingredients to make shopping a breeze!

But…every time I pull my printed form out of my tickler file, look at the seven morning and eight nighttime steps, I move it back a month or two. I just know deep in my heart that this lifelong soap, water, and washcloth girl is just not ready to commit to such a regimen. (And at least I had the self awareness to resist buying the stuff and storing it in my bathroom, unused, until it expired!)

One day, on a chance encounter with an Amazon flash deal, I purchased an inexpensive anti-aging serum set made by Tree of Life. It includes only three products. (I can handle three, right?) They are:

  • Vitamin C Serum
  • Retinol Serum
  • Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Morning Skincare Regimen

  1. Wash face
  2. Apply Vitamin C Serum
  3. Apply makeup

Evening Skincare Regimen

  1. Remove makeup
  2. Wash face
  3. Apply Retinol Serum
  4. Apply Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Ladies, even I can keep up with this! The serums take approximately 15 seconds in the morning and 30 seconds at night. I've only used them for a month now, but will be doing a vlog after a couple of months to report any noticeable differences.