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Can You Whiten Your Yellow Teeth at Home?

Do you have yellow middle-aged teeth? Do your teeth make you look older than you are? When I first got on Instagram, I noticed a marked difference between many of my fellow midlifers and all the young social media influencers. I'm not talking about our amazing wisdom...

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Easy Midlife Goal Setting Plus Resources

It's a new year and a new decade! This year has been rough for me in many ways. In the grand scope of history, I cannot complain about my general life. Even in the grand scope of modern American life, I have so much to be grateful for. I know this intellectually....

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Peloton Exercise Bike Commercial Outrage!

The new Peloton exercise bicycle commercial is, apparently, the most sexist, body-shaming thing to hit the airwaves since Harvey Weinstein did the Harvey Weinstein. Or something. https://youtu.be/Yi06BnlwZzM After watching the offending advertisement, I wracked my...

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Joe Biden’s Losing It – Someone Help!

Is Joe Biden’s memory failing? After the Biden leg hair debacle video surfaced—and so many other super cringe moments—I honestly have to ask if he’s got some kind of dementia or other serious aging issue. Usually I’m good for a joke at the expense of a political...

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iPhone 11 Pro Max Unboxing

Today I opened my new iPhone 11 Pro Max with all the cameras and crazy things. Generally we wait two years between upgrades and then pass our old cameras down to the kids, but we had two kids on the verge of a cell phone catastrophe, so the urgency pushed us to do it...

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OK Boomer – Come Up with an Actual Argument

Recently a millennial acquaintance proudly posted on Facebook that he had done his weekly quota of "adulting" by…wait for it…filling out his FAFSA forms. In other words, he was claiming adulthood because he had petitioned the government to have taxpayers pay for his...

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