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Getting a good start in the morning has always been a struggle. Finally I realized that a good morning routine actually starts the night before. So I carefully crafted an intentional nighttime routine to create the best tomorrow I could.

The real key is to make your routine work for you. Personalize your schedule to fit your lifestyle, obligations, family, body clock, and preferences.

By sharing my own routine, I hope to inspire you and help you brainstorm the things that will work in your life.

My Nighttime Routine

  1. Process Getting Things Done inboxes
  2. Review calendar and task list for the next day
  3. Complete beauty regimen
  4. Take nightly vitamins
  5. Put out gym clothes and pack gym bag
  6. Meditation/prayer time
  7. Nightly journaling – better, amazing
  8. Drink cocoa
  9. Brush/floss
  10. Read or watch TV with my hubs

This process helps me wrap up my day and wind down for a good night's sleep!

Vitamin Regimen

Recently I've begun taking a set of nootropics (to enhance mental ability) and geroprotectors (to promote healthy life extension). These are scientifically formulated by a company called Thrivous. Taking these vitamins is part of both my morning and nighttime routines, and I add some at lunch time as well.

Although I can swallow pills just fine, I tend to get somewhat nauseous after taking them. I take these with water and then follow with either a meal or my famous cocoa. No problems at all with that method!





What's Your Nigthtime Checkoff List?

Do you have a particular routine you go through each night? If so, I'd love to hear what you do and why!

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She is the author of The 7 Success Habits of Homeschoolers.

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